All about my 36 days of type

If you are an Instagram user and follow a bunch of graphic designers, you’ve probably heard this before: 36 days of type. But what does this mean?

As you can read about on their website, 36 days of type is a project that invites designers to express their view on letters and numbers of our alphabet. For 36 days, you can choose a topic or style in order to develop an illustrated alphabet. Challenge accepted.

So this year, I decided to give it a try and see what I was capable of. I chose the theme Architecture to help me with inspiration for each letter. Wondering what the process was? First, I did some research on every Architect and work beginning with the letter of the day, getting inspired by images and history. Afterward, the turn came to chose what style and colours I was going to use, opting for abstract art and Bauhaus colours blue, red, yellow and black.

I must admit I’m very proud to have been able to finish the challenge with all the letters. But I also must confess the process was a little bit bumpy and not easy at all.

Want to find some tips and tricks from my experience? Keep reading!




  • Be organised. Plan ahead what content you’re going to upload and try to have it ready the day before.
  • Be constant. When developing a graphic design project is very important to keep the same style in all the works. That shows character and professionalism. I have some problems in the middle of the challenge as I didn’t keep the style for two letters and I quite regret it.
  • Choose a topic that really inspires you. You’re going to be working with it for 36 days so be careful not to get tired of it.
  • It’s just a challenge. Remember that is nothing more than a social challenge. So don’t get too frustrated if you don’t get enough likes or you can’t post one day. What really matters is that you grow with it and learn through the process.
  • Have fun.


Want to find out how it turned out for me? Check here the results!