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All about my 36 days of type

If you are an Instagram user and follow a bunch of graphic designers, you’ve probably heard this before: 36 days of type. But what does this mean? As you can read about on … Read More

HS 36 days
36 days of type challenge
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So this year I decided to undertake the 36 days of type challenge and see what I was capable of. Also, to set a starting point, I decided to choose Architecture as the … Read More

Personalised beer label
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Ever have dreamed of a personalised beer label? I must admit I have, so when the opportunity arose, I couldn’t let it go. More and more often, people are tending to give … Read More

Wedding invitation
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The challenge was to create the most original wedding invitation. The client was exigent and concise: we want to make an impact and show creativity. And so, we set our engines to … Read More

Archillustration: work in progress
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This is part of a new project I am currently working on that is looking to create a new way of approaching architecture from an illustration point of view. I know this … Read More

Old Sorting Office Arts Centre
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A few years ago, when I was working as a photographer for Men’s London Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to discover a building in the middle of the city that offered … Read More

XX Premios Max
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One of the biggest challenges of 2017 was to create the brand design for the XX Premios MAX (Max Awards), in collaboration with Estudio DeDos. As it was 20th edition it was … Read More

Mural Illustration
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These murals were designed and created for one of the floors of the coworking space called Urbancampus (Jeronimo) located in Madrid. They wanted something that would fit into the environment of a … Read More