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Mural: Editeca
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Mural created for a Spanish company called Editeca, dedicated to Master and Postgraduate courses in Madrid. In this mural I worked along with the company to choose colours that matched their branding … Read More

Days of type 2019
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This year I have decided to participate in the international challenge “36 days of type” with a new topic: cinema classics. For that purpose I have selected some of the most important … Read More

Rebranding: Aiwin
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The purpose was to rethink a create a new branding image for the company Aiwin, which had they values and goals very defined but with the lack of a strong image. The … Read More

Waldorf mural
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Located in the rooftop of a former hotel in the center of Madrid, the Waldorf building offers a solarium with amazing views over the neighbourhood. Therefore, the architects wanted to create a … Read More

Facade Mural
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Located in the centre of Madrid, This has been one of the biggest projects I have faced until today. The purpose was to cover with art the walls that were hiding the … Read More

All about my 36 days of type

If you are an Instagram user and follow a bunch of graphic designers, you’ve probably heard this before: 36 days of type. But what does this mean? As you can read about on … Read More

HS 36 days
36 days of type challenge
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So this year I decided to undertake the 36 days of type challenge and see what I was capable of. Also, to set a starting point, I decided to choose Architecture as the … Read More

Personalised beer label
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Ever have dreamed of a personalised beer label? I must admit I have, so when the opportunity arose, I couldn’t let it go. More and more often, people are tending to give … Read More

Wedding invitation
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The challenge was to create the most original wedding invitation. The client was exigent and concise: we want to make an impact and show creativity. And so, we set our engines to … Read More